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We assist major enterprises to manage complex business and technical processes. We design, construct and operate secure businesses processes and the associated technology on which they rely for clients in the motor vehicle manufacturing, government administration, and healthcare industries. We build on our heritage as leading security practitioners to build secure applications.

In early 2014 we worked with a leading VC to manage the purchase of a leading Project and Programme Management application called Mariner from Serena Software. One of the key objectives was to create a development organisation that we could work with collaboratively to deliver management system solutions to our clients.

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Cyber Security Services

We assist our clients to simplify the adoption of management processes, reducing the costs to our clients of acquiring new organizational capabilities for managing cyber security.

We work with your teams to plan, direct, and implement changes to organisation structures and business processes to support the adoption of new requirements to secure the organisation. Our consultants work with your personnel to select and implement appropriate solutions or find partners who can manage security functions for you.

Our work in Information Security leverage leading vulnerability and risk assessment methodologies published by OWASP and the IT Governance Institute.

Technology Governance

ISG have developed a number of leading methods for implementing technology governance for large corporations and government enterprises. ISG is committed to assisting clients to implement open standard approaches to IT Governance and the management of technology. A key component of this has been our commitment to the ISO Information Security standards as well as the implementation of Open standard security technologies such as SSH and a wide range of testing tools.

As a commitment to the profession and continuing improvement, we recently had ISG’s methods for Security Certification published as a four-part series by ISACA, the world’s largest member based organisation devoted to IT Governance, Controls and Security. The methods were published in Cobit Focus, an online journal going out monthly to over 130,000 professionals globally.

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