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The Information Systems Group was established in 1996 as an organisation merging personnel with skills in the areas of IT Governance and Security Control with a capability to understand, develop and implement advanced technologies within complex organisations to deliver professionally managed and secure business information solutions.

Since then, our enterprise division has broadened to provide solutions with an end-to-end approach to security which begins with security governance, extends into the provision of secure development and platform services, and ends with delivering the highest design quality by leveraging the latest technology standards that clients use to operate secure B2B business processes. All with an emphasis on secure platforms &/or the use of advanced technology.

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ISG Consulting Pty Limited offers a comprehensive suite of managed technology and cyber security services. Our integrated solutions provide the necessary security for our client’s technology needs, eliminating the need for them to work with separate managed service and cyber security providers. 

We are able to offer a holistic approach to service delivery that is based on a 24/7 Support Model, including a Secure Operations Centre (SOC), allowing for continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and rapid troubleshooting, ensuring that our clients’ systems remain secure, protected, and running optimally.

We provide solutions and support for the following:

  • Cyber Security Across Information Technology (IT), And Operating Technology (OT), Collectively Called Cyber Security.
  • Designing and Implementation of Cyber Security Systems
  • Cyber Security Consulting, Managed Development & Support
  • Operating Technology – Industrial Control Systems and IoT
  • SOC Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics
  • ISO 27001 And Essential Eight Baseline Development and Management
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