ISG is pleased to announce to the availability of it’s new website. ISG Consulting and ISG
Enterprise Solutions are now business divisions of the Information Systems Group, trading as ISG
Consulting Pty Limited.

ISG Consulting focusses on assisting clients with planning for new investments in technology to
support their business operations. Particular services include:

  • IT Strategy & Architecture
  • Process Improvement & Design
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Risk & Security Management

ISG Enterprise Solutions focusses on the design, construction, operation and support of secure
solutions for clients in the manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors. ISG has spent
several years in developing plans for the launch of the SafeNet service, which is secure cloud
based healthcare and education platform, which will be available globally to support NHI and V
Health in the 17 countries they deliver services in.

We have a broad range of clients which include: